Close of proceedings of FIOE Shoura Council in Istanbul


The proceedings of FIOE Shoura Council in its ordinary meeting attended by the Federation leadership, representatives of member organisations from the majority of European countries, and a number of esteemed guests, were closed in Istanbul.

The third meeting of the FIOE ninth executive term was held in the city of Istanbul from 20-23 October 2011 (23-26 Dhul Qa’idah 1432H).

The Council deliberated over the horizons of the Federation’s work in the 2010 – 2014 executive term. It also discussed performance of the Federation, its bodies, and institutions, expressing hope that the targets achieved would provide impetus for greater development of positive efforts and initiatives.

The Council discussed the European state of affairs, and that of Muslims on the continent, as well as related concerns and issues. The Council also considered how to reinforce cooperation and coordination with partners in citizenship in Europe, developing participation in societal dialogue, and continuing to strive to serve Europe’s Muslims, and the public interest of societies and countries on the continent.