FIOE calls for containing tragedy in the horn of Africa and securing necessary provisions for the afflicted


FIOE said: "It follows with great distress, the escalating drought, famine and suffering from displacement sweeping across the Horn of Africa. Millions of displaced people and inhabitants of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya face a humanitarian catastrophe that widens in scale every day. The Federation expressed its deep concern regarding this calamity, and voiced alarm in face of its worsening consequences on those affected by drought, hunger, and displacement.

In its statement, FIOE said: "Reports from the affected region paint a terrifying picture of the magnitude of this growing catastrophe that is taking the lives of the young, the infirm, and the weak, amid complaints of a slow and inadequate aid response."

FIOE reminded the international community of its responsibilities, in containing this humanitarian disaster, which must be addressed without delay.  It is imperative to secure access to water, food, and healthcare for those affected by the wave of drought and famine, especially those displaced by the event.

Moreover, the federation appealed to humanitarian and charitable bodies to move quickly to provide assistance to the hungry and homeless in the Horn of Africa, and encourages Europe’s Muslims to redouble their charitable giving in the blessed month of Ramadan for this purpose, and donate through trustworthy and specialised bodies.

The FIOE statement added: "Our brethren, the Somali people have suffered the deprivations of drought and lack of security, for so long; the causes of a chronic tragic state for which the weak inhabitants, especially children, mothers, and the elderly, have paid the price."

The statement read: "The FIOE follows this recurring crisis with great sadness, reminds our brothers in Somalia of their responsibilities, in the necessity to reach accord, and reject internecine fighting, freeing themselves for the task of rebuilding their country, and securing the resources and opportunities for a life of dignity for the Somali people, who deserve a better life.  We hope that the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan be the opportunity for cementing brotherhood, and raising the voice of wisdom and reason, to achieve safety and security, in obeying the Islamic command to uphold the sanctity of human life, and prohibit killing and spreading destruction.