FIOE Calls for employing Euro 2012 championship to address racism



The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe called for employing the Euro 2012 championship, organized in Ukraine and Poland, to promote mutual understanding and solidarity among European Societies and address racism and stereotypes.

On this important sporting occasion, FIOE issued a statement in which it urged all parties in the fields of sport, education, religion, culture, media, politics, and the economy, to reinforce ways of communication, understanding, mutual respect, and solidarity between the constituents of European societies.

On this occasion, FIOE saw that it is worthwhile for everyone to grasp the opportunity of this grand sporting occasion to address expressions of racism, prejudice, and stereotypes, in favour of the spirit of openness, mutual exchange, and friendship that is embodied by sport.

The Federation praised the sporting spirit, which unites humans from diverse cultural, religious, and social backgrounds, encourages Europe's Muslims to develop their constructive cooperation with partners in citizenship, to embody these noble human dimensions in the various spheres of life, and make this sporting event a positive milestone on this path.

FIOE congratulated Ukraine and Poland-governments, peoples, and institutions, for organising the Euro 2012 championship, which will be a valuable opportunity to deepen knowledge of two European countries distinguished by their cultural richness, progress, and prosperity, and to contribute to the promotion of understanding and mutual respect among the constituents of the European peoples.

It stressed that Euro 2012, starting on Friday, 8 June, is a significant sporting event, drawing spectators from across Europe and the world, who will follow it in stadiums, or through the media. Indeed, this is a reminder that all people are brothers and sisters in the common human family, sharing the same concerns, and that diversity, which is a feature of human societies, must be considered a gain that necessitates achieving mutual knowledge and understanding between the constituents of the rich human reality.