FIOE condemns attacks on churches in Nigeria and expresses its worry for increased violence


FIOE condemned in the strongest terms the horrific attacks on a number of churches in Nigeria, and expressed its great pain for the tens of innocent victims, who were celebrating the Christian festival inside.

In its statement, FIOE said: “No doubt that these horrendous attacks, and their bloody outcome, are acts condemned by all conventions, religions, and norms, and cannot be justified in any way. Needless to say, Islam explicitly prohibits the shedding of the blood of innocents, threatening their safety, or violating the sanctity of places of worship, and terrorising the worshippers within.”

Moreover, FIOE expressed its deep concern for the cycle of bloody violence witnessed in Nigeria recently, which reached new heights in attacks on churches in the celebration season.

FIOE emphasised that concern for Nigeria’s present and future requires supporting the religious and cultural diversity of the people, and collective action by Muslims and Christians against all that threatens the ties of peaceful co-existence in local communities. Dialogue remains the only way to address any problems or complaints, while protecting communal peace, preserving life, and rejecting violence and terror.

FIOE hold the view that these recent developments require action by Nigeria’s scholars, wise people, and religious leaders, as well as politicians, the media, and public opinion leaders in local communities, of all constituencies and sects, to common and persevering efforts to combat the trends of extremism, reinforce mutual understanding, and contribute to spreading peace in society; this is the ideal response to the recent attacks.