FIOE condemns the massacre at Houla, and the continued terrorising of the Syrian people


In a statement issued on Monday, May 28th the federation of Islamic organizations in Europe (FIOE) indicated that it received shocking reports of a horrific massacre committed in the Syrian town of Houla, to which more than one hundred civilians fell victim, among them dozens of women and children. Reports told that the most violent means of killing and destruction were used by the Syrian regime’s forces to commit this massacre, including shelling by tanks; on the other hand, reports continue to be received regarding massacres being perpetrated in other areas.

The Federation condemned in the strongest terms these renewed atrocities, which represent a new episode in the serialisation of mass killing by the Syrian regime, its armed forces, and gangs of security thugs. The regime has continued to terrorise the Syrian people for around fifteen months, with thousands of innocent victims.

The statement added that this serious development exposes how the crimes against the Syrian people have intensified in full sight and hearing of the world. Indeed FIOE is surprised that this massacre, and other incidents of mass killing are perpetrated daily against civilians, even though the international monitoring mission continues its work in Syria.

The Federation expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and injured.  It renewed its fraternal solidarity with the Syrian people, facing a series of massacres and atrocities perpetrated by the ruling regime, and its repressive machine, merely for demanding freedom, democratic change, and an end to dictatorship.

The Federation called for redoubled efforts in solidarity with the Syrian people, and in relief campaigns for those affected by destruction and displacement. It also called upon international bodies, European states, and civil society organisations to fulfil their obligations towards the Syrian people and their just cause; the world cannot ignore all these massacres and atrocities, or stand by with hands tied.