The FIOE condemns the wholesale killing in Yemen, and calls for the demands of the Yemeni people to be met


The FIOE follows, with immense grief and anxiety, the bloody series of developments in Yemen, running counter to the peaceful protesters camped out for months in public squares. The FIOE mentioned in its statement that "Successive reports of unfolding events paint a horrific picture of shelling, violent attacks, and shootings, targeting the masses of unarmed Yemeni citizens, and killing dozens."

It also confirmed in its statement issued on 21st September 2011 solidarity with the Yemeni people in these difficult times and consoling the families of the fallen and the wounded.  The FIOE also expressed its severe condemnation of the gross violations and wholesale murder perpetrated against the Yemeni masses demanding democratic change in their country. There is no doubt that the deliberate killing of innocents is an abhorrent atrocity, and risks drowning the country in a cycle of bloody violence and self-destruction.

The statement also noted that Yemen witnessed over these past months a wide scale and peaceful mass mobilization, displaying extraordinary determination to secure freedom, democracy, and transparent popular participation, as well as build a better future. This has brought to prominence the innate, civilised nature of the Yemeni people that has impressed the world, and won its admiration. The FIOE statement also mentioned that: "Those in government, and the parties concerned, were required to respond immediately to the wholly legitimate demands of the people, swiftly institute comprehensive reform, and bring about transparent popular participation, rather than driving the situation to the brink of internecine strife and chaos."

The FIOE expressed its great sadness that the response to the peaceful revolution of the Yemeni people was to unleash the killing, grave abuses, and severe repression, which claimed so many victims from among the Yemeni citizens congregated in public squares demanding their fundamental rights. It also urged all officials and wise persons, in Yemen and abroad, to bring a halt to the current deteriorating situation, by acting justly towards the Yemeni people, and standing by their side at this historic moment, and to urgently respond to their demands, with full respect for their choices, while assuring the protection of lives, preventing further bloodshed, and stopping Yemen falling into a spiral of violence with dire consequences.

The FIOE reminded all concerned parties that Yemen’s bright future can only be secured in a climate of freedom, democracy, and justice, through respect for the will of the people, their dignity, and their lives.