FIOE congratulates the Libyan people for the success of their revolution after a long series of sacrifice


The FIOE congratulated the Libyan people for the final success of their blessed revolution against tyranny and injustice after a long series of dear sacrifices during six months.

The FIOE issued a statement in this regard saying: "The Libyan people with their men and women presented the most wonderful sacrifices and showed unparalleled resolution and determination to get their rights of freedom, justice and human dignity. The whole world followed those great people in their noble fight for the sake of a respectful present and a civilized future of which they and their great country are worthy.

The FIOE statement mentioned that "Muslims in Europe followed in a great respect and interest the Libyan revolution since 17th November. They felt great pain for those victims and this mass destruction that afflicted their towns and villages. We ask Allah (Glory be to Him) to accept the martyrs, cure the injured, alleviate their pains and grant the Libyan people success in their endeavor to establish a state of law, freedom, democracy and prosperity." 

The FIOE also noted that "All people in this historic moment look at the Libyan people, their leadership institutions, their scholars, and their youth and we hope that they will manage to establish a Libyan model example that is based on freedom, justice, pluralism, and harmony in a way that ensures the participation of the entire people in managing their present and shaping their future."