FIOE expresses its sorry for the tension between France and Turkey


The FIOE declared in a statement that it is following the developments in the unfortunate crisis between France and Turkey, and expresses its disappointment at the worsening relations between the two important countries within the extended European family.

The statement added that the Federation, while emphasising its principled position in sharing the feelings of pain with the relatives of innocent victims in conflicts past and present, regardless of their identity, and while expressing its sorrow for the long suffering inflicted on the Armenian people, considers that the recent move by both chambers of the French parliament, does no real service to the victims.

The federation said: “No doubt, laws that criminalise discussion of historic issues are not the wise course in terms of doing justice to the victims of past and present conflicts. What has provoked condemnation is that the French parliament has given, through its latest legislation regarding the Armenian question, the impression of contradiction in its commitments relating to human rights, and the responsibilities of the French State in this regard.

It also added that: “Over the past decades, it was an expectation that the French parliament would, in the first instance, make gestures to do justice to the victims of the horrors committed during the past colonial period, including the tragedies witnessed in Algeria. However, the parliament chose to glorify the colonial period, and turned a blind eye to the grave violations committed in that time, refusing to open the pages of the past.”

The statement said: “while saddened by the strained Franco–Turkish relations, the federation hopes that the French leadership will act quickly to tackle the causes of the crisis, and that Ankara and Paris reinforce their mutual relations on a foundation of accord and mutual respect.”