FIOE expresses solidarity with Norway and condemns attacks and terror


FIOE affirmed that it received, with immense grief and sense of shock, the news of the horrific attacks witnessed by Norway on Friday, 22 July, which led to the loss of so many innocent lives, and brought wide scale terror, damage and destruction.

In a statement issued for this regard, the FIOE strongly condemns these heinous attacks, with their unprecedented terrorising of the innocents, and reflects on the seriousness of those evil motives that may incite the commission of atrocities, threaten the safety of communities, and perpetrate aggression on innocent lives.

The federation also expressed its solidarity with the Norwegian people, government, and institutions, at this difficult juncture, and remains confident that these barbaric acts—rejected by religious texts, as well as human and moral conventions—cannot shake the Norwegian people’s will to continue to live in liberty.

It also confirmed that the Muslims of Europe stand, in these days, from the depths of their heart, alongside the people of Norway, wishing for them the return of security and peace of mind, with confidence in their ability to overcome this ordeal, and remain unified in the face of this difficult situation, capably and wisely.

The FIOE also offered its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims, and asks Allah, the Almighty, to grant speedy recovery to the injured and wounded.