FIOE: The new Hijri year is a good opportunity to review performance and develop efforts


The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe extended its heartfelt felicitations to Muslims in all parts of the European Continent, and throughout the Muslim Ummah, on the advent of the new Hijri year (1433H).

In its statement on this occasion, the FIOE said: " This is an auspicious occasion intimately linked to the journey of migration “the Hijra” undertaken by the noble Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, from Makkah in search of freedom of creed, and to elevate the word of truth far away from repression, promulgate the message of mercy to all creation, and establish society on the foundations of belief and security, human values and distinguished moral principles, while rejecting oppression and authoritarianism, reinforcing the ties of mutual compassion and brotherhood, and respecting religious and cultural diversity, and pluralism between the various constituents of society in Madinah.”

The FIOE added: ” No doubt that the beginning of the new Hijri year is an important event for Muslims of Europe and their institutions, and provides an opportunity to review performance, develop efforts, and achieve greater advances in the reality of the Muslim presence in these European countries and societies. Moreover, it is a further opportunity to reinforce efforts of communication, accord, and cooperation with partners in society and citizenship in Europe.”

The statement also mentioned that: “The past Hijri year (1432H) witnessed many developments in Europe and the world, and it is worthwhile to profit from the gains, study the difficulties, deal with the challenges, derive the lessons from these experiences and strive for a better future in diverse fields, while supporting opportunities for the success of future generations.”

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe expressed its hope that Allah, Most Supreme, All Capable, will make this new Hijri year full of prosperity and security, mutual understanding and solidarity, for our European societies, the Muslim Ummah, and all humanity.