FIOE praises the award of the Sakharov Prize to Arab figures


FIOE praised the award of the Sakharov Prize—given by the European Parliament to human rights activists—to five individuals symbolising freedom in the Arab world. The FIOE said that “This is a gesture of appreciation towards the Arab peoples, in their ambition to achieve democracy, justice, and free popular participation.

The FIOE issued a statement in this regard indicating that the award of this prize is a meaningful expression of fair recognition for those who have made costly sacrifices for the sake of freedom for their peoples, such that new generations would live in a climate free of injustice, authoritarianism, and corruption. This wise choice is the object of great welcome, as it is directed towards five symbols of the Arab world, led by the young Tunisian, Mohamed Al-Bouazizi, whose tragic death inspired this tidal wave of awakening and revolutions seeking freedom and dignity.

The FIOE reminded us that the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, with their determination, have been able to impose their will for democratic change, and are currently working to establish the foundations of the state based on rights, law, freedom, justice, and transparent popular participation; meanwhile, the peoples of Syria and Yemen continue their peaceful struggle to achieve legitimate demands in a climate of freedom, justice, and equality. The FIOE added that “We applaud the spirit expressed by this peaceful popular mobilisation with its unparalleled resolve to establish democracy and transparent popular participation, and building a better future.”

The FIOE statement added that the members of the European Parliament through the award of the Sakharov prize have sent a highly significant message regarding the Arab peoples’ Spring and its human values. ”There is no doubt that the choice for the prize this year was also a message of fair recognition for the Arab peoples, embodied in five free persons representing diverse sections of their society; an unemployed young man, a young female university student and blogger, her colleague in another Arab country, a political dissident who spent large part of his life in prison, and a free cartoon artist. They, and others like them, have had positive influence on the revolutions of freedom, and have made hard sacrifices in terms of their personal security and safety," added the statement.