FIOE President: Hajj and Eid season reinforces a lot of good meanings


Mr Chakib Ben Makhlouf the president of FIOE congratulated the European Muslims and Muslims all over the world on the occasion of hajj and Eid.

He said: "We congratulate all Muslims on the occasion of hajj and Eid; we celebrate this happy occasion and contemplate over the various noble meanings of this occasion."

"We celebrate the occasion of Eid in Europe and follow the news of the thousands of European Muslims who went to Mecca for pilgrimage. We ask Allah to accept their worship and accept the worship of the circumambulators, those standing on Arafat Mountain, the consecrators, and the ones often bowing down and prostrating themselves in prayer. We ask Allah to accept their hajj, forgive their sins and make them return their homes safely as ambassadors of mercy," he added.

The FIOE president mentioned that "With the approach of Eid and its glorious meanings that foster collaboration and helping one another to benignancy and piety, those meanings of Eid call those working for Islam in Europe to unify their ranks, adhere firmly to the Covenant of Allah, altogether, and to focus on critical issues and the public interest of all European communities."

Mr Chakib Ben Makhlouf added: "All Muslims should clearly reflect their noble values and positive guidance inspired by this holy Eid in their societies in a way that represents the Islamic message that seeks after the happiness and mercy for all humanity."