FIOE requires an immediate cease of Israeli abuses against Palestinian prisoners


Brussels - FIOE expressed its solidarity with Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails and condemned the Israeli unjust policies and continuous violations against them.

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have gone on hunger strike in protest over the abuses perpetrated against them by the Israeli occupation authorities that insist on breaching and rejecting international conventions, and withholding the prisoners’ basic rights.

In its statement issued in this regard the FIOE invited European bodies and governments, on the basis of their commitments to upholding human rights and securing justice for the oppressed, to adopt positions that put pressure on the Israeli government and its authorities, to cease these persistent abuses. The Federation calls for intensified acts of solidarity with these prisoners, who are on hunger strike to gain basic rights and fair demands.

The Federation warned that international inaction, regarding justice for Palestinian prisoners and detainees, has encouraged the Israeli authorities to continue these abuses with impunity. Men and women prisoners continue to suffer unjust measures, including denial of visits by family, detention without trial in so-called "administrative detention", and solitary confinement—denying the male or female prisoner contact with any other person both inside and outside the prison over many months or years. Men and women prisoners also suffer from cruel acts and mistreatment perpetrated against their person, and various forms of psychological torture, as well as medical neglect of sick prisoners, despite some of them suffering from incurable diseases.

FIOE demanded that this issue is raised at all levels, and that the Israeli authorities be compelled to grant prisoners their freedom in the shortest timeframe. Moreover, the Israeli authorities must halt the kidnapping, that continues daily, of Palestinian citizens by the Israeli army and security services, followed by torture, mistreatment, and jail, in the absence of rights and due process, and given the immunity of the Israeli authorities from accountability internationally.

The FIOE stated that thousands of Palestinian men and women have been thrown into Israeli jails through arbitrary processes, on the basis of their opposition to the occupation, and their striving for freedom of their people; indeed, the Israeli authorities have inflicted a variety of abuses upon them. These prisoners deserve justice, finally, from the international community, including United Nations and European Union bodies. It is high time for a European fact-finding mission to be formed to inspect the conditions under which Palestinian prisoners and detainees are held in occupation jails, and that the International Committee of the Red Cross is allowed firsthand sight of the conditions of these jails, and the situation of prisoners and detainees held within them, alongside effective action by international bodies on this humanitarian issue.