FIOE Shoura Council discussed the social and economic challenges


The sixth Shoura Council in the ninth term of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) was held from 7-10 February 2013 in Istanbul. The Council convened this ordinary meeting, chaired by the governing body of the Federation Shoura Council, and with the participation of the Federation President, Executive Office members, and representatives of member organisations in the majority of European countries.

The Shoura Council deliberated over the developments in the Federation’s work, and the progress in management tasks; it also discussed the performance of the Federation, its bodies, and member organisations, and reviewed the projects, programmes, and campaigns organised by Federation departments and member organisations.

The Council also discussed the situation in Europe, and the affairs of Muslims on the Continent, as well as related issues and concerns. The Council also considered means of reinforcing cooperation and coordination with partners in citizenship in Europe, and developing participation in societal dialogue, as well as continuing to strive to serve Europe's Muslims, and contributing to assuring the public interest of European societies.

The Shoura Council in this session continued the review of Federation performance over the past decade, and the horizons for potential improvement in the coming phase. The Council studied, with the participation of a number of experts, the overall conditions of Europe’s Muslims, the social and economic challenges, and the roles required in dealing with the state of affairs and challenges. The Council also deliberated over the issues, current in this phase on the European scene, and the means of dealing with them, as well as various questions and matters relating to different fields.