Muslims in France Mourning 4 Girl Students killed in Horrific Accident


Muslims in France were shocked for the killing of four Muslim girl students of Islamic legal sciences in a horrific accident shortly prior to Eid.

A horrific traffic accident on Thursday afternoon, 3rd of November, killed four girls who were students in IESH of Chateau Chinon, France. This accident took place when the four girls, Samira, Khadija, Sueda, and Safa, left together their residency in IESH to visit their families and spend the Eid vacation with them. Then this horrific accident took place and left them all dead.

The FIOE sent its deepest condolences on the death of those girls to their families, the administration of IESH and all students of the institute. The FIOE asks Allah to shower His mercy on those girls, grant them the highest level of Paradise, and give her family patience in this difficult time.