Stockholm: "Second Conference of Imams" confirms the importance of Imam in Swedish life


The Sweden's Imams Council organized the second conference of Imams and spiritual council on 23rd and 24th September in which more than 50 Imams and spiritual guides from all over Sweden participated.

The conference events were held in Stockholm big mosque and more than 50 Imams and spiritual guides from different cities of Sweden have participated. Those Imams represent many mosques and Islamic centers and belong to different juristic schools.

The conference reviewed the general plan of the council and its events included lectures and speeches by Shaykh Hussein Halawa from Ireland, Professor Anis Ar-Rawy from Sweden, Shaykh Khaled Ad-deeb from Egypt and lawyer Ruba Azzam. The lecturers talked about the characteristics of Imam and his role in the society in addition to the issue of Fatwa: its conditions and mechanisms and the Sweden civil status law.

After detailed discussions on those issues, the participants of this conference came out with some recommendations in which they affirmed the important role of Imam in educating, guiding and advising Muslims to become righteous citizens; they also confirmed the important role of Imam in assisting Muslims in their problems. Actually such roles require Imams to have noble values and to be model examples for others.

The conference also confirmed the role of Imam as an effective element in the society that reinforces civil peace and spread the values of tolerance, collaboration and cohabitation among all sectors of society. The recommendations also noted "the necessity of hard work to establish an institution dedicated to qualifying Imams and spiritual guides in Sweden in collaboration with the Islamic institutions.

The second conference of Imams and spiritual guides condemned the terrorist attack that happened in Norway on 22nd July and resulted in the death of dozens of innocent victims. It stressed that "terrorism and violence do not belong to certain religion or country and all efforts should be unified to confront and prevent them."

The conference also condemned the unjust arrests of many Muslims under the pretext of preventing terrorism. It called the competent authorities to investigate carefully before violating the privacy and rights of people.

On the other hand, the conference called Muslims in Sweden to "participate positively in the society institutions and fulfill their religious, national and human obligations while maintaining the security and stability of this country." The Imams and spiritual guides confirmed "the necessity of preparing the youths, the future generation, to carry the responsibility of introducing Islam in the best possible way through having the best morals of Islam, adhering to its teachings and avoiding fanaticism and extremism." Moreover, the conference urged Muslims in Sweden to "unite and work together for the good of the Islamic presence and Muslim minority in Sweden."

As for the latest developments in the Arab world, the conference expressed support for the revolutions that took place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya which reinforced the values of freedom, justice and human rights. The conference also called Muslims and all benevolent entities all over the world to support the revolutionist people who fight for their legitimate rights in Yemen and Syria. Moreover, the conference called Muslims and all noble people all over the world to put an end for the suffering and injustice afflicted on the Palestinian people.

The conference also hailed the FIOE initiative to perform prayer for rain in Europe and raise funds for people of Somalia.  At the end, the conference expressed gratitude to the attendees for their efforts and to all institutions that sponsored it especially the Muslim Association of Sweden, Islamic Council and Ibn Rushd educational institution.