Twenty thousand British pilgrims to Mecca this year


Formal information indicated that the number of British pilgrims to Mecca this year is about twenty thousand persons.

The British foreign ministry mentioned on Tuesday (11/10) through its media center that about twenty thousand persons are going to perform pilgrimage this year in the period from 4th to 9th of November.

The Foreign ministry urged the British citizens who intend to perform pilgrimage this year to make all preparations and adhere to all travelling advice. The ministry urged them to get a comprehensive travel insurance form in English and take the necessary vaccines because it is a must for those travelling to Mecca for pilgrimage to have a certificate of vaccination against inflammation of the meninges in order to get the pilgrimage visa.

The ministry strongly urged the citizens to take influenza vaccines before travelling. It also mentioned that it is important to be updated with the latest pieces of advice of the foreign ministry concerning the situation in Saudi Arabia. The ministry also mentioned that that it will provide all possible consular services, indicating that most of the cases it handled last year included changing travelling papers. The ministry asked the pilgrims to take care of their belongings and pay due attention to travelling papers, tickets and the valuable things.