Young Skills of European Muslims Launch "Media Action Network"


"Euro Media Days" bringing together specialized competencies and young energies

Brussels – A great event was held in Brussels and continued for many days where it brought together a great number of media persons from the European Muslims. The event resulted in the formation of media action network all over the European continent.

The event of "Euro Media Days" was held for consecutive four days in Brussels with the participation of more than 130 persons from 16 European countries namely: Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. The event was held in 8th – 11th December 2011 and the participants formed a coordinating framework under the name of "Media Action Network".

The "Euro Media Days" represent the central event for the "Media Action Network" suggested by the Media Division in the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe. Actually the event of "Euro Media Days" allows encouraging the competencies from multiple generations and various countries in the European continent, sponsoring them, developing innovative programs and projects and creating opportunities of collaboration and effective initiatives in the media field.

A group of academic persons, professors, consultants, experts, media persons, managers of media institutions, and professionals participated in this event.


Knowledge, Training and Experience Exchange

Mr. Hossam Shaker, the media advisor and the coordinator of this unprecedented event mentioned that: "Euro Media Days represent a focused event that brings together a large number of specialists and interested parties, as well as rising stars in the media, especially from among the younger generation, who meet over the space of several days, and are divided into specialised groups.' "This significant event draws together specialist knowledge, practical training, team application, experiment and critique, as well as mutual consultation and exchange of experiences," he added.

"Euro Media Days", held in multiple languages, included high-level, specialised media training, meetings with prominent experts and media professionals, and extended study circles and workshops. Among the works of the "Euro Media Days" there were certain specialized media groups divided into journalism, TV & film, photo & video, new media, and public relations workgroups. The event also witnessed development of some innovative media projects at the European level in addition to reviewing, evaluating and exchanging experiences.

In his speech Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) President Mr. Chakib Ben Makhlouf encouraged the European Muslims to pay more attention to media fields and expressed his sadness for the steady increase in the negative coverage of Islamic affairs in the European media which ignored the professional criteria.  The president of the FIOE, which has a variety of institutions all over the European continent, drew attention to the responsibilities of new media personnel among the European Muslims and their expected roles. He also confirmed that the federation will support and contribute to creating opportunities in order to enable them to succeed and innovate in this vital field.


"Euro Media Days".. Concentrated Contents

The subjects covered by "Euro Media Days" included the experiences of journalism work and reportages, skills of successful journalists in addition to the reality of media arena in a group of the European countries. The contents included the concept of modern public relations and its application, institutions of information, communication with mass media, organization of media campaigns in the European reality.

The "Euro Media Days" included some events covering success stories in TV channels, talk shows and interviews, scenario writing, and ironic animated cartoon that deal with social and political issues. The event "Euro Media Days" also included specialized sessions dealing with the language of photo, visual culture, the professional media shooting in various fields and practical interaction with TV camera.

Some special sessions were held to deal with the topic of new media. This included a lecture on social networks and social responsibility. There was also a critical review of propaganda and some practical experiences in video clips. The event also tackled the phenomenon of Islam-phobia in video clips and reviewed some case studies.